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Why is good elderly care in Stamford, CT important?

Aging is something that we must all come to terms with. It happens to everyone and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Our limbs may no longer work  as smoothly as they used to, our thinking may no longer be as sharp as when we were younger, and we start resenting that we are no longer as strong as we were before. This is why, during the most delicate stage of one’s life, proper elderly care is vital to keep an aging loved one happy and motivated. It shows love and respect and in the later years of their life, they can still live happily.

This is where hiring a good caregiver comes in. Luckily, here at Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC, you will get a chance to fully profile and interview multiple caregivers before you arrive at your choice. Getting in touch with a reputable caregiver is now made easier with our user-friendly interface.

What else can we offer you?

Apart from elderly care, we can also assist you in searching for childcare providers, housekeepers, and au pair caregivers.

We understand how essential it is to keep a clean and healthy environment around your house and not everybody has the time to do that. Furthermore, it can be a challenge to balance work, career, and the demands of your children. So, if you find yourself really having a hard time managing your time for everyone, you can hire a babysitter from time to time.

For reliable and professional childcare, housekeeping, au pair caregiving, and elderly care in Stamford, CT, sign up now with Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC!

Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality child care and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems
Judy Biggert

Why trust us?


Mapalo Sitter Cares LLC was built from years of experience in connecting caregivers with employers. It started with a manual, person-to-person referral system which became very successful and has grown into an online system while still maintaining the principles which made the manual system successful.

We have, over the years, earned the trust of employers and caregivers as we have very strong core values. First, we believe that the mutual respect between caregivers and employers is essential. Second, we ensure that quality service is at the center of our operations. And that being said, every caregiver is encouraged to offer the best service possible with the child, elder or home as the center. Lastly, we believe in building relationships that will stand the test of time.